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These original articles and information sheets are offered free for personal use by clients. The copyright is retained by Geraldine Marsh.

Audio/Visual Media

Reducing Anxiety - Listen to this guided relaxing hypnotherapy session to ease anxiety. Opens in a YouTube window.

Social Anxiety - This guided visualisation will enable you to become fully relaxed, and contains positive messages that will support individuals who are struggling with social anxiety. Opens in a YouTube window.

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Anxiety - An examination of the psychodynamics of anxiety, discussing the origins and effects of anxiety, and several approaches to treatment.

Motivation - Understanding how to get motivated - and stay motivated.

Weathering the Storm - Practical advice regarding some simple starting points to help tackle low mood.

Relationship Difficulties - How couple counselling can help.

Counselling or Coaching? - A description of how counselling and coaching differ, and how to choose the path that will help you reach your goals.

Overwhelmed with Stress - An article concerning approaches and advice towards coping with overwhelming and ongoing stress.

Positive Lifestyle Changes - Top ten lifestyle changes to combat anxiety and low mood.

Shyness and Social Anxiety - Examines how these umbrella terms relate to individuals and how personalised counselling provides a way forward.


Smoking Cessation - A short pre-assessment supporting your first smoking cessation session.

Weight Management - A brief questionnaire kickstarting your weight management hypnotherapy session.

How Will I? - An article examining how the understanding of an issue - derived through counselling - can be translated into practical strategies for change.