Life Coaching - Business Coaching

Coaching can offer you a fresh perspective, a way to invigorate your career, family life, or social scene. Whether you are feeling stuck - or at a point of change in your life - everybody can benefit from professional coaching support, enabling you to transform your life and benefit from deserved success..

What is NLP Coaching?

NLP Lifecoaching chalenges how you perceive your world, how to adjust behaviours, and enhances your communication with others. It also uses relaxation techniques to help boost performance states. The focus on coaching is on your present - and future life plans. It's an opportunity for you to explore where you want to go in your life, gain fresh new perspectives, feel motivated and clear about your next steps. Then, as you gain in confidence, your Coach is there to support you, as you identify and take tangible steps - to achieve your dreams.

Life Coaching

Life Coaching looks at what you want to achieve in your personal life, enabling you to change and improve relationships - to build on your vision of how you would like your life to look. Clients often prefer a coaching approach at periods of change in their life - such as a change of career, yet coaching is ideal even at challenging changes in your life, such as redundancy, or moving on from separation or divorce. Equally, life coaching can be used to transform your life - when you get stuck, and you need to explore options with a supportive, non-judgemental professional.

Business Coaching

If you are at a point of change in your life - whether a change of career or facing redundancy, coaching can help you find direction, reassess your options and focus your energies on creating your successful future. Equally if you find yourself stuck, want to progress, or find yourself in conflict at work - business coaching can give you tools to help you communicate and persuade more effectively, improve relationships, and help with stress management.

appointments and fees

Appointments of 1hr duration are available Monday to Friday 9.30am-9.00pm, Saturday 10am-12noon

Fees: £50.00 per session
Cancellations: 24 hours notice required